Coonamble Saleyards

'Headquarters for Hindquarters'

  • Lower selling costs than other regional saleyards
  • Quality assured, with indicator status – the smarter western alternative.
  • Outperform other yards with a near-perfect record of NLIS implementation.
  • Guaranteed Deliveries from Coonamble Saleyards.
  • Managed by a strong, co-operative local agent body.
  • Constant improvement program. All profits generated go back into facilities.
  • Providing a personal, interactive and face-to-face selling experience.
  • Conveniently located within easy reach of town facilities.
  • Fresh-cooked fare at on-site canteen. 


  • Prices, cattle and results are consistently competitive with other regional livestock markets.
  • It is cheaper for local producers to sell their cattle at the Coonamble Saleyards than to deliver cattle to markets in Dubbo or Gunnedah.
  • Coonamble Saleyards often top the state in yield and price, holding their own against other competing markets in Dubbo and Gunnedah.
  • Coonamble Saleyards is well-established and highly regarded by cattle producers and buyers.


  • Coonamble Saleyards are accessible to the broad base of abattoirs, processors, buyers and transporters based in the Eastern and Southern states.
  • Local producers have a price advantage in terms of yard dues and costs, freight, and most significantly, weight loss and shrinkage.


  • The only Friday sale in the North happens at Coonamble Saleyards
  • Coonamble Saleyards attracts orders from all major operators throughout Eastern Australia through regular fortnightly sales.
  • No matter what the season, buyers are confident that their orders will be filled at Coonamble


  • Coonamble and the surrounding region supplies high yielding, well-presented cattle due to our temperate climate
  • Coonamble Saleyards are well supplied with water and shade; dirt delivery yards ensure comfort, and the selling complex is dust free.
  • Trucks have easy access with the added benefit of double-decker ramps.

Contact your preferred Selling Agent

AJF Brien & Sons 6822 1277
Elders Ltd 6822 1500
Peter O’Connor 0427 251 075
Matt Prentice 0437 036 691
Jim Hiscock 0400 221 666

Halcroft & Bennett P/L 6822 1444
Landmark 6822 1955
David Thompson 0428 214 465
Peter Bush 0407 295 658
Steven Colwell 0428 480 177
Scott Bell 0459 801 010

Coonamble Saleyard Manager

(02) 6827 1900
0427 408 183