What is a Geopark?

A UNESCO Global Geopark is a unified geographical area featuring one or more sites of international geo-logical significance; think Warrumbungles, think Macquarie Marshes, think the Pilliga and Coolah Tops National Parks. An important aspect of a geopark is that the site is managed as part of the surrounding landscape rather than separate from it. This holistic approach incorporates protection of these key sites, education and sustainable development.

The purpose of a geopark is to explore, develop and celebrate the links between  geological heritage and all other aspects of the area’s natural, cultural and intangible heritages. 

In a nutshell, it is about people and place; landscape and culture.

What is Geotourism?

The UNESCO Global Geopark brand opens doors in tourism and economic growth. Geotourism stimulates new sources of revenue through new and innovative local enterprises.

Becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark takes a “bottom up” approach. It gives communities the opportunity to develop partnerships and promote their area’s geological processes, features, periods of time, historical themes or outstanding beauty.

Geotourism is about much more than just people looking at rocks. It aims to foster sustainable tourism based on landscapes, including protecting, communicating and promoting geological heritage.  Activities that achieve this can include visits to geological features, use of geotrails and look-outs, guided tours and  geo-activities.

It is about tapping into a large and rapidly growing overseas market seeking high value and branded nature-based tourism experiences.

What does it mean for Coonamble Shire?

Coonamble Shire, together with Warrumbungle and Gilgandra Shire Councils, is preparing an application for a geopark that comprises our three Shires.

The application process involves broad community consultation and the views of people who live, work and visit the Shire is important.  What do you think? Register your views on Council’s website by 30 April 2017 or contact Lianne Davids, Director of Community Services on 6827 1900.

Warrumbungle Pre-Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark 


Geopark information flyer Geopark information flyer (1415 KB)