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Making an Application for Information

Many Council documents are classified as 'open access' and are available to view or print from this website. If you are unable to find what you are after, contact Council. A staff member will advise whether the information requested;

  • is mandatory release information that is readily available.  Staff will assist you with where and how to get the information,
  • requires an informal release, for example where no third party personal information is involved, or
  • requires a formal access application, for example because consultation with a third party is required

Informal Requests

To make an informal request for access to information under the GIPA Act Council may require the completion of an "Informal Access Request Form". No fee is required for an informal access application, however copying charges may apply.

Informal release is used to request access to non-complex information e.g. those that do not involve requests for sensitive information, other people’s personal information or require unreasonable amounts of Council resources in processing.

Requests can be made directly to Council at the Customer Service Counter or by completing this form. Applications often involve requests for property information. Please note access to information such as internal residential diagrams is restricted to owners of those properties, therefore consent of the owner is required prior to Council releasing this information.

Applications can also be made to request other information held by Council including your personal information. Where personal information is involved, Council may request you to provide proof of identity e.g., driver’s licence, passport, rates notice etc.

By providing specific and detailed requests, you can assist us in quickly determining what information is available to assist you.

Upon receiving your request, Council will determine how the request will be processed and what information is available. This may involve Council contacting you to clarify what information is sought and the form in which it may be made available.

The photocopying of documents is subject to the Copyright Act 1968. There may be documents which are not able to be reproduced. Where documents are requested and able to be reproduced the applicant will be required to meet all costs associated with photocopying, as set out in council’s annual fees and charges schedule.

If Council determines that the request is unable to be processed as an informal release because it involves consideration of complex issues, significant resources or consultations with third parties, you could consider lodging a formal access application. Formal access applications involve a lodgement fee and processing charges.

Informal Access Request Form Informal Access Request Form (141 KB)

Formal Access to Information Request

To make a formal request for access to information under the GIPA Act, the “Formal Access to Information Request Form” should be completed. The Formal Application fee is $30.00 and processing charges may be applicable (there is no GST in relation to these charges).

Persons making a formal access application have a legally enforceable right to be provided with this access unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of the information.

Access Application Form Access Application Form (95 KB)