Public Information

Government Information Public Access (GIPA) Act 2009

The GIPA Act commenced in 2010, replacing the Freedom of Information (FOI) system which was in operation from 1989.  The new system is designed to meet community expectations for more open and transparent government. 

The Act requires information disclosure through mandatory publication and release of “open access information”.

Schedule 5 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act requires that certain documents held by Council, are to be made publicly available for inspection, free of charge. The public is entitled to inspect these documents either on Council's website (unless there is an unreasonable additional cost to Council to publish these documents on the website) or at the offices of the Council during ordinary office hours or at any other place as determined by the Council. Any current and previous documents of this type may be inspected by the public free of charge. Copies can be supplied for reasonable copying charges.

The following list of general documents held by Council has been divided into four sections as outlined by Schedule 5 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act:

GIPA and Copyright

A large quantity of information is available for public access on this website which belongs to third parties and is the subject of copyright, such as plans and reports submitted with development applications and other Council related business.   Access to this information is provided to members of the public in accordance with the GIPA Act and other relevant legislation, such as the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Council is not required to publish material that would constitute an infringement of copyright (section 6(6) of the GIPA Act).

Additional Information regarding GIPA