Public Information - Approvals, Orders and Other Documents

Approvals, Orders and Other Documents

Approvals, orders and any other associated documents: 

  •      Applications for approvals under part 7 of the LGA

  •      Applications for approvals under any other Act and any associated documents received

  •      Records of approvals granted or refused, any variation from Council

  •      Policies with reasons for the variation, and decisions made on appeals concerning approvals

  •      Orders given under Part 2 of Chapter 7 of the LGA, and any reasons given under section 136 of the LGA

  •      Orders given under the Authority of any other Act

  •      Records of Building Certificates under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

  •      Plans of land proposed to be compulsorily acquired by Council

  •      Compulsory Acquisition Notices

  •      Leases and Licenses for use of Public Land classified as Community Land

For further information on documents listed above, please contact Council.