Animal Pound

Any animal that is being held by Council in the animal pound must be microchipped and lifetime registered before it is able to be released. Any fees and charges relating to the care of that animal must also be paid before it is released from Council custody.

Fees and Charges 2020-2021 (inclusive of GST)

Release Fee (1st occasion): $61.50
Release Fee (2nd & subsequent occasions): $172.50
Sustenance Fee (per day impounded): $32.00

Off Leash Area

Council currently has one off leash area within the town limits.  This is located behind McDonald Park and can be accessed from Pages Terrace.  The area is fully fenced to ensure the protection of your animal and the public.  However, this does not exempt the owner from ensuring that the dog is “under effective control” at all times.  The owner is also required to remove and dispose of the dog’s faeces.


Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 all dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered for LIFE. In any case the dog or cat must be microchipped at age 12 weeks and registered for life by age 6 months.

Companion Animal Management Plan 2006 Companion Animal Management Plan 2006 (329 KB)

Lifetime Registration form Lifetime Registration form (494 KB)

Microchipping is a quick, safe and virtually painless. The microchip itself is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin of the animal between its shoulder blades. The microchip is not active (inert) and contains only a barcode. When the animal is scanned, the microchip scanner emits a low radio frequency signal that is intercepted by the microchip.

Microchipping can be performed by the local veterinarian, or alternatively, by the Rangers who are qualified microchip implanters.  Microchipping is done for $81.00 per animal (including GST) and only takes about 10 minutes.


Barking Dogs - Lodging a Complaint with Council

Dogs are an important part of our local communities but dogs that bark excessively can become a source of irritation for neighbours and others in the vicinity.

Man’s best friend can become, if it barks continually, an intrusion and create friction between neighbours.

Barking Dog - Lodging a complaint Barking Dog - Lodging a complaint (165 KB)


Pets and the reading of water meters


Coonamble Shire Council reads water meters four times throughout the year, in August, November, February and May. The meter should be clear and accessible to Council staff – with no trees or bushes blocking access to the meter. A public notice is placed in The Coonamble Times two weeks before the readings are taken so that dog owners and those who lock their premises can inform us. We then arrange a mutually agreed upon time when the Council employee can read the meter.

PLEASE: Remember to call.


Lifetime Registration

All applications for registration are to be filled out in full and signed by the animal owner who must be over the age of 18 years.

As the animal must be microchipped before registration, a copy of the microchip form along with copies of any concession you wish to claim must be submitted at the time of registration.

To claim a concession you must have at least one of the following:

  • A certificate of sterilisation from your vet.
  • If the animal owner is a registered breeder, a copy of their membership of an approved organisation.
  • If the animal is an assistance animals, evidence of assistance animal registration from an approved organisation
  • If the animal owner is a pensioner, a current government pension card.
  • If the dog is a working dog, a signed statutory declaration stating the nature of work the dog performs and the type of livestock.

Working Dogs

All working dogs residing within town limits must be microchipped and lifetime registered.

A “Working dog´ is defined as a dog used primarily for the purpose of droving, tending, working or protecting stock, and includes a dog being trained as a working dog.


Lifetime Registration Fees 2020-2021 (inclusive of GST)

Not Desexed: $216.00
Desexed: $60.00
Pensioner with Desexed Animal: $26.00
Registered Breeder: $60.00
Working Dog: Nil
Assistance Animal: Nil


Companion Animal Welfare

From 1 July 2019, new rules will apply when selling or giving away a cat or dog in NSW. You will need to include a microchip or breeder or rehoming organisation number in your advertisements. 
For further information please visit the NSW Department of Primary Industries website 

Companion Animal Welfare - 2019