Coonamble Facilities

Coonamble Showground

The Showground is a key part of Coonamble’s recreational infrastructure. It provides facilities for rodeo and campdraft, as well as the annual Show. It is felt that the facilities should be of a relatively high standard, however they have suffered from lack of maintenance over many years. The Coonamble Showground has its own management plan adopted by Council in February 2010. Buildings in the Showground are showing deterioration and will require major maintenance to ensure that the facilities can be provided at a reasonable standard.

Smith Park

Smith Park provides a stopping point for tourists and therefore should be maintained at a relatively high standard. The development of a tourist information bay, riverwalk, Skate Park, canteen and renovation of the toilet block have improved this park over the last few years.

Coonamble Sportsground

Coonamble Sportsground is the major sporting facility within the Coonamble Shire. As such it is maintained to a high standard and this will continue. The synthetic cricket pitch was resurfaced in January 2010. New aluminium bench seating for the main grandstand has been installed. In April 2020 the installation of the irrigation system was complete, thanks to grant funding by the NSW Government.

Macdonald Park

Macdonald Park is a key facility within Coonamble, providing active recreation for children through its playground. It also provides for picnics as well as a convenient stopping point for travellers.
As one of the main parks is Coonamble, Macdonald Park’s facilities have been improved in recent years with the removal of equipment that had deteriorated, and the installation of a new playground. Existing garden beds have been replanted, the toilet block has been replaced and footpaths renovated.

Lions Park

Lions Park is classified as mainly being used for casual passive recreation, largely due to a lack of facilities and the low standard of maintenance. It is envisaged that this park could be improved by providing active recreation facilities for older children. This may include the installation of a playground aimed a late primary/early high school childrenor other similar recreational equipment.
There has been some recent improvements with the installation of an irrigation system and renovation of paths.

Broome Park

Broome Park is located away from the main travel routes. It is used for active and passive recreation. Broome Park is being maintained at an appropriate standard and over time may provide active recreation facilities for younger children. There have been some minor improvements with tree planting in recent years.

Rotary Park

Rotary Park provides for passive recreation, Council the adequacy of this facility and an appropriate standard of maintenance is undertaken. The facility is also located away from the main travel routes. It is envisaged that this park will remain as open space with relatively low standard of maintenance.

Tully Park

Council have resolved to abandon this park and provide it as a parking facility to the adjacent pre-school.


The Old Cemetery Park is rarely used for recreation purposes, however does have some value in conserving part of Coonamble’s heritage. As such, it is felt that the continued maintenance of this park is of benefit, however there are no plans to further develop the park in the term of this Plan.
There has been some suggestion that the heritage value of the park may provide access to grant funds to enable improvements. This possibility should be examined further.

Smith St Park

Smith St park is rarely used and poorly located, but is one of the few public spaces on the western side of Coonamble. Investigation should be undertaken into disposing of the park, being cognisant of the accesses that may be serving the rear of properties fronting Smith Street.

Gulargambone Facilities

Gulargambone Sportsground

Gulargambone Sportsground is the major sporting facility within the village of Gulargambone. It is reasonably well maintained and is well used by local sporting clubs and residents. The synthetic cricket pitch was resurfaced in January 2010.

Gulargambone Park

This park is used for active recreation for children, with a playground and picnic facility. It provides a stopping point for travellers and is well used by locals. A new fence was erected in mid 2009.

Lions Park, Gulargambone

This park provides open space and picnic facilities. It encourages travellers to stop with well maintained facilities within walking distance of the main street.

Bill Delaney Park, Gulargambone

This park provides active recreation for children with the provision of an attractive playground in close proximity to the residential area on the east of town.

Quambone Facilities

Quambone Sportsground

The Quambone Sportsground is the only established park in Quambone. It has limited use by the local school.

New Park - Quambone

Residents of Quambone have developed a park facility on the western side of the main street. The new park provides a stopping point for travellers and is within easy reach of the main businesses in the village.