Applications for Development

Complying Development Application Form Complying Development Application Form (142 KB)

Access this section to obtain forms to apply for approval to carry out a proposal that is classed as complying development, such as a dwelling in a village zone, garage or shed.

Development Certificate Application Form Development Certificate Application Form (133 KB)

Access this section to obtain forms to apply for consent to carry out development, such as a dwelling in a rural zone, change of use, new business etc.

Local Approval Application Form Local Approval Application Form (110 KB)

The Table of Approvals includes applications relating to water supply, sewerage and stormwater, management of wastes, community land and public roads.

Modification Development Application Modification Development Application (208 KB)

A form for the approval to modify a development consent previously submitted.

Notice to Commence Work & PCA Confirmation Form Notice to Commence Work & PCA Confirmation Form (232 KB)

Obtain a form which can be used to notify the council that you intend to commence building or subdivision work and/or that you have appointed a principal certifying authority.

Cost Estimate Report Cost Estimate Report (82 KB)

A form to document estimated development costs.

Occupation Certificate Application Form Occupation Certificate Application Form (88 KB)

Application for Occupation Certificate

Owner Builder Application Kit Owner Builder Application Kit (4313 KB)

Access this section to obtain Information on becoming an Owner Builder

Principal Certifying Authority Application Form Principal Certifying Authority Application Form (221 KB)

Obtain a form to appoint the Council as your principal certifying authority

Statement of Environmental Effects Short Form Statement of Environmental Effects Short Form (80 KB)

Application for footpath dining, merchandise and sign display, street vending vehicles, casual street vending, street stall/ticket selling and busking.

Subdivision Certificate Application Form Subdivision Certificate Application Form (216 KB)

You need a subdivision certificate to have your plan of subdivision registered with Land and Property Information

Construction Certificate Application Form Construction Certificate Application Form (122 KB)


If you want to carry out some building work or subdivision work (such as building roads or a storm-water drainage system), you need a construction certificate before you can start work.