Planning and Development


  • To plan and regulate the orderly arrangement and use of land in townships and rural areas in order to promote the improvement of community life and the environment in which residents live.
  • Assess significant strategic growth, landuse and infrastructure issues in a timely manner.
  • To continue to develop, monitor and refine on an ongoing basis the needs of the Coonamble Shire through the Local Environmental Plan and development control plans.
  • To ensure effective environmental management and landuse planning of the built and natural environment.
Building requirements within Coonamble Shire

Council reminds all ratepayers that applications must be lodged and approved for the erection of buildings, including grain sheds, moveable silos and the like. This permission is necessary for both urban and rural areas of the Shire. Anyone proposing to carry out any building work should contact the Executive Leader Environment, Strategic Planning and Community, Noreen Vu on (02) 6827 1900. There are some exemptions, however, to be sure, Council suggests you make enquiries before commencing any type of building works and/or alterations to buildings.

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Development Control Plans

Council has several instruments to control development. These documents provide information on what is permissible development and the expected standard of development in an area.

Development Control Plan 1- Coonamble Township & Surrounds Development Control Plan 1- Coonamble Township & Surrounds (64 KB)

Development Control Plan Annexure 1-Industrial Development Control Plan Annexure 1-Industrial (172 KB)

Development Control Plan 2- Small Rural Holdings Development Control Plan 2- Small Rural Holdings (63 KB)

Development Control Plan 3-Small Cattle Feedlots Development Control Plan 3-Small Cattle Feedlots (78 KB)

Development Control Plan 4- Small Intensive Piggeries Development Control Plan 4- Small Intensive Piggeries (76 KB)

Local Environmental Plan

The current Local Environmental Plan can be Downloaded here

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