Coonamble Shire Masterplan

The development and adoption of the Coonamble Shire Council Masterplan was one of Council’s achievements in 2020.

This plan guides the management and development of Council assets over the next 20 years. The plan is different to most, in that it includes a tourism and branding review, recognising the interlinked nature of seeking to increase the economic viability of the Local Government Area with both physical assets and marketing collateral.

Individual projects of the Masterplan were prioritised using a scoring tool that ranked importance against a range of criteria. This method maintained transparency and allowed funds to be directed towards the most effective projects.

Identified priority projects include:

Work on these projects is already underway and continues to progress as funding is secured.

The complete Masterplan is a large document file but is available for download here:

Coonamble Shire Masterplan - adopted July 2020