Where can I camp?

Free camping is available at the Quambone Primitive Camp Site, located in Mungie Street, Quambone. Crude camps is also available at the Quambone pub.

Caravans, RVs and self-contained vans are welcome to stay at the Coonamble Showground for a small donation. Donations can be made at the Coonamble Visitor Information and Exhibition Centre. The Showground is equipped with toilets. 

For a dedicated site, you can stay at the Coonamble Riverside Holiday Park, the Gulargambone Caravan Park or Nakadoo Farm Stay.

Can I camp at the Macquarie Marshes?

No. At this stage there are no public camping grounds within the Macquarie Marshes. The closest camping grounds to the Macquarie Marshes are in Quambone.

Where is a dump point?

There are dump points located within the Coonamble Riverside Holiday Park and Gulargambone Caravan Park. Coonamble Riverside Holiday Park is located along the Castlereagh Highway, just after the hospital, opposite the Artesian Motel.

If you are entering town from the south (from Gulargambone), it will be on your left. The Gulargambone Caravan Park is located on Skurthorpe Street. Turn south off Bourbah Street, head along Munnell Street and then turn right into Skuthorpe Street.

Where can I fill up a gas bottle?

Swap-and-go gas bottles are available at three locations in the area:

Where can I find a water fill station?

Taps to fill your caravan or RV water tank can be found at the Coonamble Showground, located off Castlereagh Highway on the south side of town. We kindly ask that you conserve water as best as possible—especially over the summer months.

Is the road to the Macquarie Marshes sealed?

No. While the road between Coonamble and Quambone is sealed, travelling from Quambone to the Bird Viewing Platform and on to the Burrima Boardwalk in the Macquarie Marshes is on an unsealed surface. This road is often closed during and after wet weather and can be subject to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. It is recommended you ask for updated road conditions at the Coonamble Visitor Information and Exhibition Centre or at the Quambone store or pub before venturing beyond Quambone.

Is the road to the Pilliga Bore Bath sealed?

Yes. The road between Coonamble and Pilliga is sealed. The road is narrow in places, and road edges may have broken away after heavy use by trucks, particularly around the main harvest months of October and November. Brumbies, emus, kangaroos and wild pigs are also known to run across the road, so please be alert and drive with caution.

How can I get onto the Burrima Boardwalk?

Burrima is a privately owned property. To access the Boardwalk, you will need to gain permission by contacting the owners beforehand and booking in advance. Please note that there is no camping or overnight parking allowed, and dogs are not permitted. To book your visit, please call 0447 924 043 or visit their website https://burrimamacquariemarshes.com/ 

Where can I see the painted water towers? 

We do have two iconic painted water towers, similar to silo's, that have been included in the Australian Silo Art Trail.  

The first water tower mural was painted by renowned Lightning Ridge artist, John Murray, in 2017. It is located at the Coonamble Sports Ground on Castlereagh Street, opposite the Coonamble Visitor Information and Exhibition Centre.

The second water tower mural was painted by renowned artist Jenny McCracken during the 2018 Pave the Way to Gular Festival. It is located in Gulargambone at the Sports Oval on Yoolundry Street.

Can I get mobile phone reception?

There is mobile phone service in Coonamble, Gulargambone, and Quambone, but reception can be patchy between towns and villages.

There is no service within the Pilliga Forest and limited Telstra-only service throughout the Macquarie Marshes and in pockets of the Warrumbungle National Park.

Emergency numbers will only work with reception. For your own safety, please advise the relevant Park’s ranger staff of your intended visit or hike and notify a contact of your intended plans and return date.


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