Visiting Quambone

Quambone is the smallest and quaintest of our region’s villages, with a very proud population of 166 people who love where they live and are very eager to show it off. Depending on your sense of adventure, Quambone is 57km on a sealed road via Coonamble, or for the more intrepid traveller, 83km on an unsealed road via Gulargambone.

Quambone is the gateway to the Macquarie Marshes, an extensive area of common reed, cumbungi, river redgum woodlands, coolibah woodlands and water couch grasslands. Covering over 200,000 hectares, the Marshes are recognised as a significant Australian colonial waterbird nesting area, and are listed under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance.

The local watering hole and general store are must-visit places for any traveller to Quambone. Here you’ll find local characters, who’ll give you a glimpse of the village's unique personalities, directions to the Macquarie Marshes Bird Viewing Platform, and probably a good yarn, too.

Country charm and abundant scenery.


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