Kerbside Waste Collection

Council engages a contractor to provide kerbside rubbish collection in the towns and villages of the Local Government Area. 

Council encourages households to compost any organic waste, such as food scraps, where possible.  

Recycling has been investigated, but with the small population and distances involved, formal recycling is not currently an economically viable option for the area.  

Council encourages residents to make use of the aluminium can and plastic recycling facilities available in Coonamble. 

Each household has a Council-approved ‘wheelie’ bin. A second bin is available for a fee from the contractor. Garbage collection fees increase for a second bin. 

As garbage collection is undertaken very early in the morning, residents are asked to place their bins at the kerb the night before collection day. 

When do I put my bin out for collection? 

Coonamble (east side / main street side of town): bins out on Monday night for Tuesday morning collection. 

Coonamble (west side / IGA-side of town): bins out on Wednesday night for Thursday morning collection. 

Gulargambone: bins out Tuesday night for Wednesday morning collection. 

Quambone: bins out Tuesday night for Wednesday morning collection.