Quarry operations and management

Coonamble Shire Council operates the Mount Magometon Quarry in the south-east of the Local Government Area. 

The quarry is open Monday to Friday, from 7am to 3.30pm (with the weighbridge closing at 3pm every second Friday). Customers are asked to phone the quarry before travelling out to Mt Magometon to confirm availability of staff and required materials.

Safety is of paramount importance at the quarry. Customers will require three key pieces of personal protective equipment to enter the site: 

  1. A helmet or hard hat.
  2. A hi-vis vest.
  3. Steel-capped boots.

For their own safety, customers will be turned away if they fail to wear the required personal protective equipment when on site. 

The quarry was established in 1964 and, over time, Council has enhanced its operation by the installation of a new crushing plant and the renewal of mobile plant.

In 2012 Council decided to investigate the possibility of acquiring additional land neighbouring the current Council lease, and following Ministerial approval, the expansion was completed in 2014.

The primary objective of the crusher operation at the quarry is to supply Council with aggregate and road-making material and, as Mt Magometon is potentially one of a limited number of sites within the local government area where quality rock can be sourced, it is of importance to Council’s ongoing operations.

The secondary objective of the crusher is to provide income to Council, and this goal has been successful over the years in generating additional revenue through profits to relieve Council’s dependence upon rate income and grants to some extent.

Surveyors were engaged in 2021 to conduct a topographic survey to calculate the remaining quarry resource at the Mt Magometon site. They used remotely piloted aircraft systems and precision GPS stations to capture geo-referenced imagery, which was processed to produce an updated surface model of the site.

To contact Council's quarry operations, please phone: (02) 6825 6222.

The Mt Magometon Quarry is licensed through the Environment Protection Authority (Licence No. 1152):

EPA - Mt Magometon Quarry Licence #1152

Its operations are guided by the following plans:

Mt Magometon Quarry Management Plan 2016-2027

Mt Magometon Quarry Mine Safety Management Plan - adopted December 2020

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Mt Magometon Quarry - July 2022