Supply to Council

Coonamble Shire Council is committed to supporting new and existing enterprises in their contribution towards a strong and diversified local economy.

One of the ways in which this is achieved is through Council’s sourcing supplies of materials and services from local businesses.

This supply is guided by Council’s Procurement Policy:

Opportunities to supply materials or services, whose value is over a certain threshold, are published and/or advertised in the local print media and on Council’s website here as Tenders, Requests for Quotations or Expressions of Interest.

Coonamble Shire Council gives very high priority to the safety of the public, its own employees, its suppliers, their workers and sub-contractors.

If you submit a quotation to Council in response to a Tender or Request for Quotation opportunity, this must be accompanied by:

Quotations not including proof of insurances and a formalised, systematic approach to workplace safety will not be considered.

All local businesses are encouraged to list themselves in Council’s Local Business Directory, as a handy reference for locals, visitors and Council itself.