Plans & Strategies

Aerodrome Management Plan - 2017-2027
Asset Management Strategy 2017 - 2028
Building Maintenance Management Plan 2017 - 2028
Charter of the Advisory Committee to the Coonamble Regional Livestock Market (Saleyards) - adopted February 2023
Community Participation Plan - adopted December 2019
Community Strategic Plan
Companion Animal Management Plan
Coonamble Common Management Plan - adopted September 2021
Coonamble Community-Based Heritage Study 2010
Coonamble Crime Prevention Strategy
Coonamble Destination Management Plan - adopted December 2020
Coonamble Development Construction Specifications - January 2022
Coonamble Development Design Specifications - January 2022
Coonamble Economic Development Strategy 2021 - adopted December 2020
Coonamble Levee Flood Gradient Sensitivity Modelling Study
Coonamble Shire Masterplan - adopted July 2020
Coonamble Shire Thematic History
DCP1 Annexure - Development Requirements for Industrial Land Use
DCP1 Coonamble Township and Surrounds
DCP2 Rural Small Holdings
DCP3 Small Cattle Feedlots
DCP4 Small Intensive Piggeries
Delivery Program 2022-2026
Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2019
Drought Management Plan 2021-2022
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Management Plan - adopted April 2021
Fleet Plan Management Plan 2017-2027
Gulargambone Flood Study Report 2016
Local Strategic Planning Statement Coonamble - adopted May 2020
Long Term Financial Plan 2012-2023
Mt Magometon Quarry Management Plan 2016-2027
Mt Magometon Quarry Mine Safety Management Plan - adopted December 2020
Multicultural Services Plan 2021-2025
Operational Plan and Budget FY23-24
Pesticide Use Notification Plan 2016
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Coonamble Livestock Market - June 2022
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Coonamble STP - July 2021
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Coonamble Swimming Pool
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Mt Magometon Quarry - July 2022
Privacy Management Plan - adopted May 2013
Quambone Flood Study Report 2016
Recreational Facilities Management Plan 2017-2028
Showground Management Plan 2017-2018
Strategic Asset Management Plan 2022-32
Water and Sewer Management Plan 2017-2024
West Coonamble Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan 2021
Workforce Management Plan 2017-2020