Library Services

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Libraries in the Coonamble Local Government Area are part of a larger library network—known as the North Western Library—involving libraries in Bogan, Coonamble, Gilgandra and Warren Shires.

A survey is taken by the North Western Library to record community members' preferences, expectations and experiences from their local library.

The survey is open for responses until mid-October. Please access it here. It will take about five minutes to answer the 10 questions asked.

1000 books before school literacy program

Register for 1000 Books before school and join our early literacy program! It’s free and easy to use – simply register with your local North Western Library branch and start reading! Log your read books via the Beanstack app or website, receive incentive prizes along the way, and help build your child’s literacy skills for a great start to school. So, what are you waiting for?.... register today!

Our three libraries

Council operates three libraries in the Local Government Area: