Road Conditions

Major disruptions and roadworks are listed via an interactive map on the NSW Live Traffic website at:

For a complete map of the Coonamble Shire Council's roads please download from the link below:

Coonamble Shire Road Map

Current Road Conditions

Road Status Condition/s
All unsealed roads CLOSED

All unsealed roads throughout the Local Government Area are currently closed. See the Road Condition Report below for full details.

Baradine Road OPEN

Baradine Road (Baradine to Coonabarabran) is open through to Coonabarabran. There is water across causeways within Coonamble Local Government Area. Drivers should use caution when approaching and driving through these causeways, as there may be hidden potholes. Check the link below to Warrumbungle Shire Council's latest road conditions report for details and updates for road conditions through to Coonabarabran.

Castlereagh Highway OPEN

The Castlereagh Highway north and south of Coonamble is open. There may be minor delays north of Coonamble, around Glenhaven, where culvert replacement work is underway. Please check Walgett Shire and Gilgandra Shire Council's road conditions updates (at the bottom of this page) if planning a journey into neighbouring Local Government Areas.

Gibson Way CLOSED

Gibson Way is currently closed mid-way between Quambone and Burrima Boardwalk at Bulgeraga Creek. Access the Burrima Boardwalk is possible from Carinda or Warren. Gibson Way is also closed west of its intersection with Sandy Camp Road due to flooding over Little Terrigal and Big Terrigal Causeways.

Pilliga Road CLOSED

(as at Friday 9am) Pilliga Road is closed to all traffic, with rising floodwaters across the causeways north of the Floddenfield Road intersection.

Quambone Road CLOSED

(as at Friday 9am) Quambone Road is closed at Euronne Gully, where about 40cm of water is across the causeway.


Sandy Camp Road is closed north of its intersection with Gibson Way due to flooding over the Gargee Causeway. Properties along Sandy Camp Road can be accessed from the north via Dusty Swamp Road, off Merri Merri Road. Road use in the area is restricted to essential traffic only. 

Warren Road OPEN

(as of Saturday, noon) Warren Road is now open but there is up to 20cm of water across causeways. All drivers should be mindful of hidden washouts and potholes underwater at causeways, if choosing to proceed.

La NiƱa - Minor to Moderate Flood Advisory - Unsealed Roads Closed

When local unsealed roads are closed to travel, primary producers are kindly requested to reschedule the movement of heavy vehicles until the unsealed sections of the route between their properties and the sealed road network has thoroughly dried out. This includes the movement of headers between properties using unsealed local roads.

Road users are reminded that: 

  1. They may be liable for any damage that they cause to the road that is closed to their vehicle type.
  2. Travelling on roads covered with water is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.
  3. Road conditions can change without warning and, if roads are open, drivers should travel with caution.
  4. Unsealed roads damage very easily when they are wet.
  5. Repairs to damaged roads are not usually possible until the roads and gravel stockpiles begin to dry out.
  6. Council prioritises repairs, with higher trafficked roads usually receiving attention first.
  7. Emergency vehicles are exempt from this directive, in the course of responding to legitimate emergencies, as are local landowners undertaking essential travel.

Road conditions in neighbouring areas

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