Stray Animals

If you find a stray animal, you should take the animal to the Coonamble Animal Pound or a vet during business hours. This ensures the best effort can be made to determine the pet's ownership details in the shortest possible time by scanning for a microchip.

In addition, the Animal Pound offers a secure location for an animal that is often distressed. In most cases, the Pound is the first place concerned pet owners will contact if they have lost a pet, again reducing any time in reuniting pets with their owners.

If you notify Council that you have a stray animal secured on your property, a Regulatory Officer will collect the animal and take it to the Animal Pound.

While Council makes every attempt to retrieve stray animals unsecured in public places, sometimes delays in retrieving the animal can occur because of the current location, within the Local Government Area, of Council’s limited resources. This delay may lead to the animal moving on from the location that it was last seen.

The permanent identification (microchip) and lifetime registration system greatly assists authorities in returning lost and injured animals to their owners.