Ground work for grants

To win a competitive grant from an external funding source requires some ground work, often before the grant opportunity is even announced.

There are many steps your community group can begin immediately to get this ground work done, so that your organisation is then in a position to act on a grant opportunity when it arises.

You may wish to form a small task force to complete the following tasks:

In some applications, there will be word limits on the above sections, so once you have written them, keep that draft but also create an even ‘tighter’ response. 

There are still many more steps to cover:

Get these steps done now so that when the right opportunity arises, you will be in a great position to complete the application within the timeframe allowed (which is sometimes only four to six weeks).

Please keep the Grants and Communications Officer informed from the beginning of this process so that you can work together to optimise the chance of success in winning the grant you seek.